mercredi 30 mars 2016

Final Task English Exercice

Final Task : I think in 30 years we would be able to insert a bullet in the ears to communicate with us. Although the technology is very advanced, I don’t think we can invent flying cars, for that it will take long centuries to achieve this , but maybe we could invent cars without wheels, or without drivers . For now, it will mainly think about creating robots that will do the housework, or cooking, which for me what I would like especially in the future is for new drugs or remedies that can later cure serious diseases, that will save thousands of lives ( such as AIDS or cancer ). We would like a technology with which we will look at the dysfunction of our body, like looking at our emails. Apart from the communication , it could create machines that will send you the knowledges that there ' on the book, as it does not need to learn anything