mercredi 28 septembre 2016


  Hello everyone ! Today i will present myself as a student , i'm Youssef , 15 years , i live in Morocco , Tangier City . To start , i'm a boy who loves to laugh , a little bit talkative , and very cool :P. I practice regularly basketball , and will soon enter to a gym. In terms of languages i speak ; French , Arabic , and English , so that's why i'd like to travel one day to United-States and why not meet you.

Tangier is a major city in northwestern Morocco. It has a perfcet climate , thanks to the mediterranean sea and welcomes many tourists. The city is very beautiful ( some pictures below ) she's currently undergoing rapid development and modernization ( new airport , new football stadium etc ...) I'll not tell you more to keep the suspense . Hope you like it ! 

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  1. Hi Youssef! I' m Tayler and i also love to laugh, am very talkative, and super cool. I think it is really cool that you play basket ball. I used to play when I was younger but I don't anymore. Who is your favorite foot ball player? Tangier sounds really amazing and I hope you do make it to the United States.

  2. Thank you Tayler for your comment ! Currently i'm trying to search a city to visit in U.S, and to respond to your question , my favorite FootBall player is Messi and who is your's ?